The cat Mingus lives at Sagenehjemmet


Sagenehjemmet is a diakonal nursing home at Bjølsen in Oslo. The nursing home has good expertise, a wide range of activities, popular cafe and beautiful terraces, gardens and outdoor environments.


There is a wide variety activities at Sagenehjemmet and some are open to the public. Come by to eat good food at affordable prices in the cafe, go to the hairdresser or have a pedicure.

Apply for nursing home

Sagenhjemmet is located in Sagene bydel (distict). Long term residents have free choice of nursing home. All applications must go through Oslo kommune.

Follow everyday life at Sagnehjemmet

- a picture blog from life in a nursing home and how it is to work in an elderly care (instagram)



Telefon: +47 23 00 73 00

Telefon: +47 934 75 100

Sagenehjemmet is a diakonal nursing home at Bjølsen in Oslo

Besøksadresse: Maridalsveien 177C, Oslo

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Sagenehjemmet Café

Sagenehjemmet café is open to the public and offers warm lunch, dinner and catering. If you are not you hungry so you are welcome for a cup of coffee and a breather. The cafe has a nice play area for children and a pleasant garden where you can relax.

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