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About Diakonhjemmet Foundation

Diakonhjemmet is a non-profit, diaconal foundation with extensive activities within education, research, health and care.

Diakonhjemmet’s activities

Diakonhjemmet has approximately 4,000 employees and a budget of approximately $300 million. The foundation is the owner and facilitator of the following programs and services

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Contact Diakonhjemmet


phone: +47 22 45 17 80

Address: Sørkedalsveien 43
0369 Oslo, Norway

Postal address: Box 40, Vinderen
0319 Oslo, Norway

Purpose, values and strategy

Diakonhjemmet’s strategic plan for 2020-2030 has an overall, ten-year perspective and defines the overall goals and strategies for the development of Diakonhjemmet and its services. The strategic plan is built upon Diakonhjemmet's purpose, vision and values.

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Anyone who meets Diakonhjemmet meets the word «diaconi». Diaconi is the caring ministry of the Church. It is the Gospel in action and is expressed through loving your neighbour, creating inclusive communities, caring for creation and fighting for justice.

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Heather Roy from Eurodiaconia Lifted Sustainability at Diaconia Leader Forum

"Our challenge is to open our horizons and also take note from what has been done elsewhere. We can learn from the rest of the world."

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