Diakonhjemmet’s activities

Diakonhjemmet’s activities

Diakonhjemmet has approximately 4,000 employees and a budget of approximately $300 million. The foundation is the owner and facilitator of the following programs and services.

Diakonhjemmet Care Services AS

Diakonhjemmet Care Services offers assistance to elderly people who have an apartment in Diakonveien Omsorg+ or live in a nursing home or have a day service at a nursing home. Diakonhjemmet Care Services also operates and develops programs for children and families, such as day care centers.

Diakonhjemmet Hospital AS

Diakonhjemmet Hospital is a local hospital for three districts in Oslo. In addition, it accepts patients from several districts in geriatric psychiatry and hip fractures, and additional patients from all over the country in rheumatology and orthopedics. The hospital is a significant contributor in research, particularly in rheumatology and mental health, as well as within work in psychopharmacology. In 2022, the hospital became a host institute for the Center for treatment of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases known as (REMEDY) along with several partners.

Diakonhjemmet Hospital Pharmacy AS

Diakonhjemmet Hospital Pharmacy AS is a specialist and pioneering pharmacy in areas such as clinical pharmacology and communication about medicines. It is a referral pharmacy in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical services. It is also well known for its Pharmaceutical Advisory Program for patients and customers.

VID Specialized University AS

VID Specialized University is a nationally recognized teaching institution and the second largest private college in Norway. The college offers programs ranging from undergraduate to doctorate level, and has degrees in nursing, occupational therapy, social education, social work, diaconi, leadership, family therapy and health care for the elderly. There are campuses in several locations in the country with a total of 6,000 students.

Diakonova higher vocational school

Diakonova higher vocational school is a newly established educational institution within health and care services with study sites in Oslo and Bergen.