Anyone who meets Diakonhjemmet meets the word “diaconi.” Diakoni is the caring ministry of the Church. It is the Gospel in action and is expressed through loving your neighbour, creating inclusive communities, caring for creation and fighting for justice.

Diaconal work changes with the times. The church has always had a central role in meeting people in adversity, crises and poverty. Christians, together with others of good will, want to take their share of the responsibility. The connection between faith and life results in diaconal commitment. It is this commitment that was behind the creation of Diakonhjemmet.

Knowledge is necessary to meet the complex challenges of our time. Diaconi challenges us to use our experiences, knowledge and faith in working with fundamental questions of justice, mercy and solidarity.

Diaconi makes visible God's love for people through the actions of fellow human beings.

Diakonhjemmet is a diaconal foundation

The commitment to diaconi is the purpose of Diakonhjemmet, and is reflected in Diakonhjemmet's work, values ​​and strategy for 2020-2030. Read more about Diakonhjemmet’s purpose, value proposition and strategy.

The church's diaconi

The Church of Norway's diaconal work takes place in congregations and diaconal institutions around the country. The Church of Norway collaborates with other churches diaconally, e.g. through organizations such as Norwegian Church Aid. In the Church of Norway's congregations, the deacon is the leader and coordinator of the diaconal work.

The Norwegian Church's plan for diaconi

At kirken.no you can find the Norwegian Church's plan for diaconi and other information about diaconal work.